Advisory Committees

NEIL has three Advisory Committees: the Engineering Advisory Committee (EAC); the Insurance Advisory Committee (IAC); and the Legal Advisory Committee (LAC). NEIL’s Board of Directors relies heavily on the input and recommendations from these groups when considering changes to the Company’s coverages, loss control standards or certain legal issues affecting the Membership. Each Committee serves in an advisory capacity only and does not have the authority to make binding decisions on behalf of NEIL or its Members.

Engineering Advisory Committee (EAC)

The EAC is made up of senior engineering staff from the NEIL Member utilities, and its responsibilities include the development and periodic revision of the Company’s Loss Control Standards, periodic review of losses, incidents and conditions that could affect NEIL’s loss exposures. The EAC promotes loss control and property protection of Members’ nuclear generating facilities and provides advice to NEIL on technical and engineering-related matters. Through an open exchange of ideas and participation in studies and evaluations, the EAC helps to provide Members with the long term self determination in insurance matters and related issues affecting these facilities. The EAC also works with the Company’s other advisory committees on matters of common interest. The EAC meets twice yearly. 

Insurance Advisory Committee (IAC)

The IAC is made up of risk management staff from the NEIL Member utilities. The IAC considers and provides advice to NEIL on insurance related issues involving NEIL and its Members. Its responsibilities include the periodic review of coverage and rating issues, the development of appropriate coverage enhancements as needed, the structure of the insurance policy forms, and the terms of the policies (i.e.: limits and deductibles). The IAC seeks, through broad member participation, to help NEIL’s Members achieve self-determination in their insurance matters. The IAC works with NEIL’s other advisory committees on matters of common interest and its members are charged with recommending actions that are in the best interests of NEIL and all its Members, as opposed to actions that are best for the Member they represent. The IAC meets two times per year. 

Legal Advisory Committee (LAC)

The LAC is made up of Members’ legal counsel. The LAC is an advisory body created to consider legal issues involving NEIL and its Members. Its purpose is to be available as an advisory resource for the Company on legal matters and in turn for the Company’s Members regarding the Company. The LAC’s function is to represent the diverse interests and positions of the Company’s Members, and not the individual interests of the Members for whom they act as counsel. The LAC members participate in task forces with NEIL’s other advisory committees on common issues. The LAC meets at least once per year, with all Members’ legal counsel meeting every 18 to 24 months, or sooner if needed.