About NEIL Overview


NEIL is incorporated under the laws of Bermuda, has its place of business in Wilmington, Delaware and is a registered insurer in Bermuda and Delaware. The Company insures electric utilities for damages to insured sites, decontamination expenses incurred at such sites arising from nuclear contamination, other risks of direct physical loss at such sites, certain premature decommissioning costs, and the costs associated with certain long-term interruptions of electricity supply.


NEIL believes nuclear power is a vital energy solution. We enable nuclear power by embracing mutuality and pursuing excellence in insurance and loss prevention.


We fulfill our continuing core responsibility of insuring our Members nuclear risks by:

  • Maintaining the financial strength to cover two full-limit losses,
  • Promoting industry risk-management and safety practices,
  • Providing value and equitable treatment, and
  • Prudently pursuing opportunities that serve the Membership.

NEIL Bye-Laws

The NEIL Bye-Laws